Dallas Boudoir Photos - Intimates by Ivy“HOLY SMOOOOOOKES. I knew my wife was smoking hot from the first time I laid eyes on her, but I’m pretty much speechless at this point. She really couldn’t be more gorgeous. She gave me a very, very special album and a box, and now the biggest debate in my life is which one I like more. I’m so proud of her, and feel so lucky to have such a stunning woman as my wife.” – Sean

“I was kinda nervous when I thought about doing an intimates session… but I can’t believe how amazing the photos look, and how fun the whole day was. I’m so glad I did it!” Ms. M.

“Wow. Wow. Wow.” – Eric

“Ivy, these pictures changed my marriage! My husband looks at me in an entirely different way – thank’s for helping me bring a spark of excitement and love to our marriage that had never been there before.” Ms. E.

“I literally cried through the whole proofing session. I’ve always had trouble believing people when they’ve told me I’m beautiful, but the photos made me see it for the first time on my own. I want to do a session every year now!” Ms. N

“Ivy you’re AMAZING! Thank you for letting my wife see how gorgeous she is to me every day!” -Chris